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    贝博体彩app-ballbet体育下载-贝博足球app官网下载.(Headquarter)Notice of Office Relocation
    贝博体彩app-ballbet体育下载-贝博足球app官网下载.(Headquarter)Notice of Office Relocation
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    The brain storm activity: working with hearts and crafts for the bright future of Tenry

    On Sep 17th, Working with Hearts and Crafts for The Bright Future of Tenry – 2018 industrial section brain storm salon hosted by Tenry Pharmaceutical industrial section solemnly opened at Shanghai Dongfulong Technology Co. Ltd.! This salon contains several parts, such as visiting factory, keynote speck, an hundred words speech, guest speech, CEO speech and the others. This activity is hosted by Mr. Wei Chunming, the vice president of Tenry industrial section, leaders of other functions within industrial section all attended it, as well as Mr. Ye Tao, the CEO of Tenry and leaders of other sections. Meanwhile, Mr. Zheng Jinwang, the vice President of Shanghai Dongfulong Technology Co. Ltd. and parts of management team also attended the activity as distinguished guests.

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    I Love Tenry – Quiz on Tenry development

    This activity is aimed at encouraging Tenry members to obtain more and more achievement through reviewing its development history and inheriting its culture. We believe Tenry will embrace a glorious future.

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    Focusing on Human Health and building a better life -HQ-CEO directly bus of Tenry Pharmaceutical start its second season

    Tenry Pharmaceutical will become the pacemaker of medical health industry through building leadership brand of wound management and making the development of human health as its own responsibility.

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    The successful completion of Procurement Plan Competition

    From the establishment of Shanghai Tenry Pharmaceutical, all the factory operated their own procurement function individually, so in order to improve procurement procedure, save cost and increase efficiency at the same time, the company gathered all the independent procurement together and established Procurement Operation Department which will directly belong to industrial sector at beginning of this year. Meanwhile, in order to help procurement professionals and related management administrators unify procurement operation management theory, and acquire the skill and method of procurement standard process enhancement, cost control, procurement negotiation, and supply chain management, the leadership discussed to appoint Human Resource Department to organize a two days’ procurement management skill training in Shanghai during July 27 & 28 and also a meaningful Procurement Plan Competition after the training.